Matte Black Toilet Seat

Matte Black Toilet Seat

Matte black toilet seat elongated D shape

Product Details

Matte black toilet seat elongated D shape 

  U2019  Black Matte Finish elongated D shape and slim design


1, Profile Picture,Slim Design looks more smart.

Black Matte finish with 4sides or 1side in available for option.



2, 4pcs buffers on ring,2pcs buffers on lid.

     U2019....png     U2019...png


3, How to take off toilet seat from toilet,SO EASY.

Just press the one button,then could take off toilet seat easily from toilet.

So Easy replacement and Easy cleaning.

Design of One button is based on Finger Ergonomics.

       U2019.......png    U2019...........png





4, Soft Close hinge mechanism to avoid noise.

We could guarantee 50,000times at least for soft close lifetime,though it's 30,000times for National Standard.





 5, How to fix toilet seat into toilet.SO EASY!



Top and Bottom fixing hinge for option according to toilet style.

          Original one.JPG



6, Materials of Toilet Seat: Duroplast / Urea / UF/ Thermoset

Feature of Duroplast raw materials: 
1, Anti-bacterial
2, Fire-retardant
3, Durable 
4, Surface is scratch resistant
5, Ceramic feel,looks integrated with ceramic
6, Solid color,Never fade and maintain its original color
7, High Gloss finish




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