Use And Maintenance Of Toilet

- Mar 30, 2018-

1, if the toilet with warm water, water temperature control in the 1oc-45oc, the overheated waters do not pour into the toilet, so as not to make it burst.

2, shall not be rushed into the toilet in newsprint, paper pad and other easily blocked items.

3, plug, immediately with the skin suction device to exclude.

4, in order to prevent breakage and leakage, do not hit the ceramic, avoid hitting the cover plate and the seat ring

5, do not use steel brush and strong organic solution cleaning, so as to avoid damaging the product glaze, corrosion pipe.

6, in order to keep the toilet surface clean, flush function is normal, please use long handle nylon brush and soapy water or neutral detergent cleaning pipes and flushing holes. It is recommended that you clean it at least once a week.

7, please clean the filter at least once a month, to prevent the water tank from running slowly or not influent the normal use of the impact.

8. Do not use chlorine-containing detergent in the water tank, otherwise it may damage the device in the water tank, causing leakage or damage to the structure of the building.