Considerations For Using A Toilet

- Mar 30, 2018-

1, not under direct sunlight, directly near the heat source or exposure to the smoke, otherwise it will cause discoloration.

2, do not put hard objects and heavy objects, such as water tank cover, pots, buckets, pots, etc., or will be zoned flower surface or lead to cracking.

3, cover plate and seat ring should be clean with soft cloth, disable strong acid, carbon and cleansers clean do not use volatile agents, thinner or other chemicals to clean, otherwise it will corrode the surface. Do not use wire brushes, blades and other sharp utensils clean.

4, cover plate installed in no water tank, low water tank, people can not be back, otherwise it will lead to broken.

5, cover plate should be light open, to avoid direct collision with the water tank to leave scars and affect beauty;

6, the use of metal hinge (metal screws) to pay attention to the products, do not allow acid and alkaline solvents attached to the product, or rust easily.

7, in order to ensure the correct installation of the toilet, please use glass sealant as far as possible.

8, do not rush into the toilet in newsprint, paper pad, sanitary napkins and other easily blocked items.

9, accidentally fall into the toilet in the sundries should be taken out in time, plug immediately with the skin to attract gas exclusion.

10, can not be hard equipment or rough fabric and ceramic products contact, can not beat, impact.

11, regular use of detergent to scrub the attachment of dirt, cleaning not off, with a brush to remove, keep its surface clean.

12, can not be used and stored in 0 degrees Celsius under the environment of water.

13, each water flushing, tilting the wrench or press the button, force can not be too large to avoid damage to the tank parts