What are the toilet classifications?

- Feb 15, 2019-

Long D Shaped Toilet Seat.jpgThe straight flush toilet uses the impulse of the water flow to discharge the stool. Generally, the pool wall is steep and the water storage area is small, so that the hydraulic concentration is concentrated, the hydraulic power falling around the circle is increased, and the sewage efficiency is high. The straight flush toilet has a simple flushing pipeline, a short path and a large pipe diameter. The gravity acceleration of the water can be used to flush the toilet. The flushing process is short. Compared with the siphon type, the flushing capacity is straightforward. The toilet does not have a straight back flush, and it is easy to flush down large dirt. It is not easy to cause blockage during the flushing process, and there is no need to prepare a paper basket in the bathroom. From the aspect of water saving, it is also better than the siphonic toilet.

The siphonic toilet will generate a certain water level difference after the drainage pipe is filled with water. The suction generated by the flushing water in the sewage pipe in the toilet will be drained away. Since the siphonic toilet flushing is not caused by the water flow, the pool memory The water surface is large and the flushing noise is small. The biggest advantage of the siphonic toilet is that the flushing noise is small, which is called mute. In terms of flushing capacity, the siphon type easily washes away the dirt adhering to the surface of the toilet. Because the siphon water is higher, the deodorizing effect is better than the straight-through type. Now there are many kinds of siphon toilets on the market, and the toilet will be bought. There are more options.