What are family toilet seat?

- Jul 17, 2018-

Toilet seat, belong to the field of building water supply and drainage material one kind of sanitary appliance.implement the main technical features of the utility model is that: In the existing implement s-shaped trap top open, install a cleaning the bolt, similar to a drain on the installation check mouth or cleaning the mouth clean siltation, implement after siltation, user can use this gently cleaning the bolt is convenient, fast and health siltation, economical and practical.

Life common sense

If flushing toilet cover opened, the toilet of instantaneous cyclone highest germs or microbes could be taken 6 meters high in the air, and floating in the air for a few hours, and then fell on the wall and toothbrush, gargle, towel.therefore, it is recommended to cover the lid when flushing.


People use the child adult toilet seat every day, but if you don't pay attention, it can also be a source of disease.

At new york university, philip, dr, points out that most of the family, such as toilet, wash gargle, shower in the bathroom, toothbrush, gargle, towel, etc and closestool coexist one room, natural is vulnerable to bacterial contamination.therefore, you should develop the habit of covering the toilet seat when flushing.


Key cleaning of plastic toilet seat

Fudan university school of public health professor yuqingfu points out, the survey found that 32% of the toilet had dysentery bacillus, one called "In the song dynasty" Dysentery bacillus of survival time for 17 days on the toilet seat;another study found that 300 out of 100 million polio viruses were spilled into the toilet seat.at the same time, a lot of people like to put a flannelette washer on the toilet in the winter, so it is easier to absorb, retain and discharge pollutants, the possibility of spreading disease is greater.

The most "Intimate" Contact between such a polluted place and people's skin is precisely that. Therefore, it is important to focus on cleaning and apply diluted household disinfectant wipe every two days.as for the cloth washer is best not to use, if must use, should often clean disinfection.if you have the conditions, you can change to a toilet with antibacterial function and anti-splash design.


Clean the family toilet seat in time

Infected with urine and feces, toilet easy, if it is found that remains after flushing remnants, must be timely with the toilet brush to clean clean, otherwise easy to form macular stains, mildew and bacteria.besides apertures, near the toilet of outlet and the base of the lateral is a dirty place, when cleaning the toilet seat first sparring, lavatory agent and spray inside, after a few minutes, thoroughly with a toilet brush scrub it again, it is best to fine head of the brush, so better able to clean the toilet and apertures around the inner depths.then brush the base and other gaps.

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