Toilet cover should not be covered when flushing the toilet

- Apr 02, 2018-

Toilets make our lives more convenient, but have you been using the right toilet for years? Do you need a lid to flush? A lot of people would ask, "Don't you have to cover it to keep the air breathing?" Does the toilet of the household have so much water pressure? Cover the toilet cover bacteria will be attached to the toilet seat to bring pollution to the skin? The answer is to cover the toilet seat.

Dr. Philippe Terno of New York University points out that if the toilet lid is opened when flushing, the instantaneous cyclone in the toilet can bring germs or microbes to the air for up to 6 meters in the air and suspend them for several hours, so the water pressure is sufficient in front of the bacteria. These bacteria will be dumped into toilet paper, toothbrushes, mouthwash cups, towels and other items, naturally very susceptible to bacterial contamination. The study showed that when flushed, the lid was able to reduce the splash of microbial content to 1/12 of the cover. So in order to keep our daily use of items clean, we need to cover the toilet cover.

If you cover the toilet seat, then there are more bacteria on the toilet, so this requires us to regularly use disinfectant to clean toilets and water tanks to limit the residue of microorganisms in the toilet, can indeed help us reduce the potential health risks. After using the toilet brush, should first rinse and then soaked with disinfectant, hanging dry. Toilet circle should also pay attention to regular cleaning and disinfection, if it is cloth and other materials for the material, more should be diligent washing and disinfection. Because cleaning the toilet is better than cleaning up the daily necessities of the bacteria to the simple, so or cover the toilet.