How to maintain the toilet seat?

- Feb 22, 2019-

Large Round Toilet Seat.jpg1. Do not allow the toilet seat to come into direct contact with abrasive chemicals and cosmetics as these chemicals can damage the surface of the seat.

2. Do not place hard objects or heavy objects, such as water tank caps, flower pots, buckets, pots, etc., on the toilet seat to avoid surface scratching or cracking.

3. It is recommended to clean the toilet seat with a soft cloth. Do not use strong acid, strong carbon fire decontamination powder, or volatile agents, thinners or other chemicals to clean, otherwise the surface will be corroded. In addition, it is not possible to clean it with sharp tools such as wire brushes or blades.

4. When the toilet seat cover is used, it should be lightly opened. Do not directly collide with the water tank to avoid leaving the stains to affect the appearance or break.

What should I do if the toilet seat is broken? Don't just think about replacing it, but also analyze the cause of the damage. If the maintenance work is done during the use, the service life may be longer.