How to choose a toilet?

- Mar 08, 2019-

Comfortable Toilet Seat Covers.jpgToilets are durable consumer goods. Don't be tempted to buy fashion and cheap, and buy products with more quality problems. In this case, there will be endless troubles. The following factors should be considered when choosing a toilet:

The first trick: observe the gloss of the toilet

For products with higher gloss, the higher the density, the easier it is to clean. This is because the quality of porcelain is directly related to the life of the toilet. The higher the firing temperature, the more uniform and the better the porcelain.

The second measure: see if the glaze is even

Consumers can ask the store, whether the sewage outlet is glazed, or even reach into the sewage outlet and touch the backwater to see if there is glaze. The main culprit of the pollution is the glaze, the customer can touch it by hand, and the qualified glaze must be delicate. Consumers can be picky about it, touch the corner of the glazed corner, if the glaze is used very thin, it will be uneven at the corner, it will be exposed, it will be rough.

The third measure: the flushing method of the toilet

The cleanness of the toilet bowl is directly related to its flushing method. At present, domestic toilets mainly have two types of flushing, direct flushing and siphoning. The flush toilet uses the gravity of the flushing water when flushing, and the dirt is pushed out from the toilet trap to achieve the sewage discharge. The advantage is that the sewage discharge capacity is strong; while the siphon toilet uses the flushing pipe of the toilet when flushing. The siphon force generated in the tank sucks the dirt out of the toilet trap to achieve the purpose of sewage discharge. The advantage is that it avoids splashing water when flushing, and the cylinder flushing effect is cleaner.

The fourth measure: the amount of water used in the toilet

There are two water-saving methods, one is to save water and the other is to save water through wastewater reuse. The water-saving toilet has the same function as the ordinary toilet. It must have the functions of water saving, maintenance of washing function and conveying of excrement. At present, there are not many products with water-saving slogans but product technology and actual results are not satisfactory. Need to pay extra attention.

The fifth measure: test water saving performance.

Many products on the market claim to adopt a 6-liter water-saving design, but in fact it is difficult for ordinary consumers to distinguish the actual effect, it is recommended to buy well-known brand products.