duroplast toilet seat

- Jan 08, 2018-


Toilet seat material overview- duroplast toilet seat

INTOP  have specialized in duroplast toilet seat more than 7 years and we keep growing and forwarding  to launch  new model of duroplast toilet seat base on market trend and customers need.

duroplast toilet seat.png

The material of the toilet cover is basically plastic,wood, bamboo, urea,stone, acrylic.

Each of them get different features and advantage and here I would like to mentioned duroplast( urea )which we doing most for our toilet seat.

 Duroplast toilet seat also called urea toilet seat, Thermoset toilet seats or thermodur toilet seat

So what duroplast material come from?

Synthetic resin (powder) + catalyser (hardener) transformed by compression which, by a chemical reaction,them made out of this homogeneous material.

And it is widely used in for toilet seat with it is distinctive features.

  • First one is this duroplast toilet seat is unscratchable .

  • Second , it is very easy to clean only by soap and water 

  • Third, it is a high quality material and with the look and feel of ceramic ,fit to ceramic toilet perfectly

  • longevity-urea loses none of its shine even after years of use

Of course the price is higher than others.

As a top toilet seats manufacturer in China, that is why we choose duroplast (urea, thermoset) material for toilet seat.

In color, urea or duroplast toilet seat are traditionally in white, but we can also do a lot of color option for customers as you like.

Also, we have also  matte finish toilet seat in white or black color which touch texture and look beautiful .

In a word, Intop will be your strong and durable supplier if you are looking for duroplast toilet seat.